Your dyno torch (Knijpkat) is sick. What to do…?

  1. You mail me.
  2. You send me your loved dyno torch.
  3. The cat comes to me in the waiting room, because there are more patients.
  4. I do an intake and consultation via e-mail with you what has emerged from the investigation.
  5. If you want to perform the surgery, you will hear in advance what the cost of the operation.
  6. The entire process is completed and upon receipt of your payment the cat is returned.
  7. In some cases, the cat is deceased. In consultation with you can be your cat a donor cat.
  8. If your cat is no longer viable, I take it from you for an amount of 5.00 Euros per cat.


The overhaul will cost 15.00 Euro excluding parts and shipping.


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