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! Keep in mind that the quality of the products also will depend on the use and the age. That even goes for me as a Knijpkater from more than 80 years. After delivering your order there is no more correspondence about the products. Return of the products will not be accepted, unless by mutual agreement. Declared through your order you agree therewith.

! If you order a screw, please check the overview the implementation closest approach your liking and give me the number. Keep in mind that even then there may still be differences with the lid screws of your precious cat.

Send possibly a photo of your dyno torch.




! The squeeze cats are carefully appraised to appearance, technical and function. The lower-priced cats may show minor flaws, but with some skill is usually to be solved by yourself.

Return shipping is not accepted.

After your order and payment is received it will be shipped mostly within 5 business days of you. Before the dyno torch leaves the shop, it is first checked thoroughly again. That may mean for larger crowds you should wait a little longer on your dyno torch. In advance apologies. In the shop you can also slides (not glass) or lenses, screws and order all possible components. Philips squeeze cats from the Second World War were partly made in Vught concentration camp.


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