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“More than a dyno torch” (NEW)

The dyno torch was born in 1940 and has existed for 75 years in 2015.
Since the Second World War for many people in the Netherlands and abroad Philips hand dynamo, or a dyno torch concept.
This book is intended for anyone interested led to this gem, which in the darkened years 1940-1945 result in the often unpleasant conditions. No one knew at the time that the Jewish and political prisoners in concentration camp Vught had to squeeze these cats for the Wehrmacht.
The dyno torch or cat, as he is commonly known is much more than a dyno torch. In this booklet you will firstly give a picture of the cat and highlights a number of components and failures.
Not all cats are the same. The story of Martha Moses and many others who had to work is partly told in the Philips Kommando.

The author has concentrated on overhauling the cat and still learn about the history and operation. Leo Feijten is not a real collector, but do often two ‘dead’ cats, a ‘living’ cat put together.

That’s his interest.

The financial value of a cat is small, but the great emotional value.

Give your cat a second life.

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ISBN 9789402144321


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The Knijpkat. 2019 marks 80 years ago that the dynamo torch from Philips Netherlands was developed. In this booklet you will find the bizarre history of this Knijpkat, its production, technical development, use and variations. Despite its 80 years of age most of these cats are still purring! Within these pages can be found comprehensive information of most malfunctions. If nothing else-the cat can be overhauled. Chances are your refridgerator will probably not live as long as the cat. Much research was needed to find information about the cat. In the archives of Philips Eindhoven Nederland some documents have been found and included in this booklet. Also an article from 1946 of the Philips Technical Magazine is included. Most of the original documentation at the factory was lost during the allied bombing raids in 1942. In this booklet you will hear some first hand stories about its use, documentation and humorous anecdotes. During the war the 7424 and 7424-03 cat was used by the German Wehrmacht. Also the Bi-Jou ladies cat is mentioned.


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